tar bz2 a directory — a .bashrc function 

To make compression of directories into .tar.bz2 archives quick and simple, put the following function in your .bashrc file:

{ # ©2007 dsplabs.com.au
    if [ "$1" != "" ]; then
        FOLDER_IN=`echo $1 |sed -e 's/\/$//'`;
        echo "Compressing $FOLDER_IN into $FILE_OUT…";
        echo "tar cjf $FILE_OUT $FOLDER_IN";
        tar cjf "$FILE_OUT" "$FOLDER_IN";
        echo "Done.";

Then, to compress directory dir/ into dir.tar.bz2 archive type:

tar_bz2_dir dir/  # ©2007 dsplabs.com.au

The following will be displayed:

$ tar_bz2_dir dir/
Compressing dir/ into dir.tar.bz2...
tar cjf dir.tar.bz2 dir/

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