the power of reddit: spreddit — detailed web server statistics 

Recently, I posted a Linux Blog article on a number of social bookmark sites including,, and The article generated limited interest on most of these sites with the exception of The volume of reddit readers visiting in the initial twelve hours was extraordinary. What follows are detailed web server statistics for the sub-domain under redditor invasion. For the most part, the stats are based on the free AWStats software. However, some Google Analytics visitor info and Feedburner RSS feed subscription stats are also included.

The power of!

This Linux Blog has been on-line for about six months now. The traffic has been slowly growing towards a hundred visitors per day. This growth can, in a large part, be attributed to the creation of posts that describe how to get around various Linux-related issues and bugs. However, generation of even seemingly simple content requires a lot of time and effort! It takes longer still for search engine rankings to build-up, for back-links to appear and for visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds. Needless to say there is a long road ahead. Last weekend, in an effort to spread the word, I posted the link to Linux Blog's introduction to Résumés with LATEX on The response was great! Here is a summary of the web server traffic for the month of December up until the Xmas time.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Summary

The figure below shows the monthly traffic overview, i.e. steady visitor volume increase up until the December invasion.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Monthly History

Here is a day by day dissection of the website traffic for the month of December.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Days of Month

Comparatively speaking… six months worth of primarily Google and Linux forums based referral traffic gets owned by one hour of referrals from the front page of reddit! Here is the hourly data.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Hours

The majority of reddit visitors were from the United States. Here are the top 25 countries.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Top 25 Countries

Here is a geographical country-based visitor volume overview courtesy of Google Analytics.

The power of reddit! Google Analytics: Map Overlay

Referral site overview is shown below. Go reddit! :D There are also some referrals from sites that leech popular URLs.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Connect to Site From

Spider or robot access stats for the month of December are shown below. These are not related to the reddit stats, however they still quite interesting.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Robots and Spiders

For obvious reasons, in the past the typical access to the Linux Blog has been dominated by Linux-based hosts. However, as the overview below shows the larger part of visitors in the month of December connected from Windows-based PCs.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Operating Systems

Go Firefox! Any ideas of what Unknown could be? Browsers with disabled identification? New IE? Scripts?

The power of reddit! AWStats: Browsers

Ouch… bandwidth crunching PNG screenshots: 13 GB just in PNGs?! Gotta start compressing them more.

The power of reddit! AWStats: File Types

With well over 10000 reddit referred visitors… how many did actually read or found the information useful? I guesstimate maybe 5%. Unfortunately the majority of visitors left within 30 seconds as shown in the visits duration stats below.

The power of reddit! AWStats: Visits Duration

Here is the current Google Page Rank for Linux Blog:

Page Rank Check

There are some new RSS feed subscribers :D welcome!

The count has spiked and then dropped somewhat. Here are more detailed feedburner feed subscription stats.

The power of reddit! Feedburner RSS Feed Subscription Stats

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6 Responses to “the power of reddit: spreddit — detailed web server statistics”

  1. David Rogers Says:

    Thanks for sharing these "remarkable" stats. I've never used reddit but found surges in visits from stumbleupon - but not to this extent. Best wishes 2008. David.

  2. Kamil Says:

    Thanks David. It is all relative of course. Against some of the popular blogs the surge shown in this post looks rather pale! See this comparison for example.

  3. quag Says:

    Running optipng over the pngs on this page reduces the size from 732k down to 524k. Optipng can be downloaded from Individual image compression:

    size = 22191 bytes (8269 bytes = 27.15% decrease)
    size = 63856 bytes (28232 bytes = 30.66% decrease)
    size = 48790 bytes (19422 bytes = 28.47% decrease)
    size = 57526 bytes (20529 bytes = 26.30% decrease)
    size = 37262 bytes (14455 bytes = 27.95% decrease)
    size = 33209 bytes (10938 bytes = 24.78% decrease)
    size = 26414 bytes (8877 bytes = 25.15% decrease)
    size = 19894 bytes (8209 bytes = 29.21% decrease)
    size = 19558 bytes (28433 bytes = 59.25% decrease)
    size = 16743 bytes (6063 bytes = 26.59% decrease)
    size = 12162 bytes (4545 bytes = 27.20% decrease)

    size = 41498 bytes (18228 bytes = 30.52% decrease)

    size = 73745 bytes (34078 bytes = 31.61% decrease)
    size = 22603 bytes (7962 bytes = 26.05% decrease)

    size = 301 bytes (181 bytes = 37.55% decrease)
    size = 658 bytes (3 bytes = 0.45% decrease)

  4. Kamil Says:

    Thanks quag. I'll give that a go. It would be good if it was possible to integrate optipng functionality into GIMP.

  5. Kamil Says:

    I run optipng with default options: optipng *.png
    Here are the compression results it produced:

    Before After Decrease Filename
    32K 24K 26.16% awstats-browsers-top-10.png
    96K 68K 29.29% awstats-connect-to-site-from.png
    72K 56K 27.56% awstats-countries-top-25.png
    84K 64K 25.04% awstats-days-of-month.png
    56K 40K 26.95% awstats-files-type.png
    44K 36K 23.86% awstats-hours.png
    36K 28K 24.48% awstats-monthly-history.png
    28K 20K 28.07% awstats-operating-systems-top-10.png
    48K 20K 59.25% awstats-robots-spiders-visitors-top-25.png
    24K 20K 25.53% awstats-summary.png
    20K 16K 26.15% awstats-visits-duration.png
    64K 44K 29.92% feedburner-feed-subscribers.png
    112K 80K 31.38% google-analytics-map-overlay.png
    32K 24K 24.00% google-analytics-reddit-spreddit-explosion.png
  6. Ian Says:

    It would be interesting to see how your bandwidth and load mapped out over time when you were hit. There are some good tools that measure Server Statistics which you don't get from google analytics.

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