kompare — comparing files using kde kompare 

KDE kompare is a GUI front end for file comparison tools such as diff, cmp, or comm. While programs like diff are Linux essentials, their output is console based and in many instances is used by other tools. On the other hand, KDE kompare front end is well suited for the end user. It has an extremely neat interface with side by side comparison of two files, where differences are highlighted using different colors for deletions, changes and insertions. An example screenshot of KDE kompare is shown below. Two LATEX2e files are compared, paper_old.tex and paper_new.tex. Both files are located in /tmp directory. In this example the following shell command was used to launch KDE kompare:

kompare /tmp/paper_old.tex /tmp/paper_new.tex

This tool makes it very quick and easy to spot differences between two files. This improves productivity quite a lot. I well recommend it!

KDE Kompare

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  2. Ikem Says:

    For Gnome there is "Meld" http://meld.sourceforge.net/.

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