latex — set page number 

How to set the page number for the current page in LaTeX? i.e., how to reset page number counter in a LaTeX document? Simply set the latex page counter to a specific value. The syntax is as follows:

 \setcounter{counter}{value} % sets the counter to value 

Lets illustrate with an example. To set the current page number to 32, you would use:

 \setcounter{page}{32} % sets the current page number to 32 

More help on LaTeX counters can be found on the following pages: LaTeX Counters and Help On LaTeX Counters.

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One Response to “latex — set page number”

  1. Oskar Says:


    Is there a way to compute the actual (or physical) page count (current and possibly last)?

    Or, otherwise phrased, is there a {globalpage} counter that is indifferent to anything the user does to the {page} counter?

    To clarify the question suppose you reset counter{page} as you go (e.g., preface in roman+body in arabic, as found in many texts, or you use the \include{} command and skip some sections).

    Suppose now that for typographical reasons you would like to understand whether the last page is a multiple of 4 or not (as to insert extra blank pages, for example). If the page counter is never reset, that's easy. But if the page counter does get reset, this becomes a problem.

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